One of the most daunting tasks for the new wood turner is finding good sources for wood. I am fortunate to have been raised working wood so finding material is second nature to me. Then I moved to the mountains of western North Carolina. This area has an abundance of wood found nowhere else in the United States. Logging has been a mainstay here since man settled in this area. A few of my neighbors are loggers. They bring the trees they cut to a “landing” spot so they can prepare the log to send it to the mill. This involves trimming the bottom of the tree to get rid of the bell and cutting away any crotch left on the tree. If you ask nicely and give them a little cash they will usually let you get some pieces to work with. The most reliable source for wood in an urban area is local tree services. They cut older trees that could potentially cause damage to homes. These trees generally have certain parts that have a lot of figure. The area near the base of a tree or under a large limb is usually the most flavorful wood. The search for good blanks to turn is part of what I love doing. It’s like Christmas every day to open up a piece of wood and expose natures beauty.